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Learn About The Boston Bruins And Ticket Information

Price Of Bruins Tickets And When They Go On Sale
As of now, tickets range from $10 to $12,800. That’s for games in the TD Garden. It really depends on how much you’re willing to spend and where you want to sit. Also, tickets will likely be available for sale in September, but the dates they become available to buy does vary from year to year.

How Much Are Season Tickets
This depends on where you want to sit. Visit the team’s ticket page in September. That’s when you should find more information about the price of season tickets.

Where To Buy Playoff Tickets
If Bruins make the playoffs, you can buy tickets when they officially clinch a spot. Visit their tickets page. This is where you’ll find out more information.

Where They Compete And Schedule
They play in Boston, MA, at the TD Garden. They have been playing there since 1995. If you want to see the seating chart, then visit the TD Garden’s event page.

As for scheduling, you will notice that Bruins have a huge fan base, just like many New England sporting teams. No matter how cold it gets, you’ll see their fans cheering. This happens year after year.

The Basics
The Boston Bruins were founded back in 1924, so they have a long history. In fact, they are the oldest hockey team in the United States and the third oldest team in the NHL, short for the National Hockey League. The team has created many traditions along the way, and some of those traditions are still observed by fans to this day.

From 1942 to 1967, there were six teams that made up the National Hockey League and the Boston Bruins was one of those teams. The other teams included the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings were the other teams that were members of the Original Six. Boston Bruins Tickets – 2017-18 Single Game Tickets.