5 best off-season clubs in the NHL

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Notable acquisitions: c. Bishop (“Los Angeles”), h. Meto (Ottawa), n. Radulov (“Montreal”), n. Gansal, n. Amberger (both are Minnesota).

Notable losses: n. Gemsky (“Montreal”), n. Sharpe (“Chicago”), c. Niemi (“Pittsburgh”).

Of the team, which three times in the last five years did not get into the playoffs, “Dallas” quickly turned into one of the contenders for the Stanley Cup. In the current off-season, the “stars” have done more than any other team, having managed to qualitatively increase due to the active work of general manager Jim Nill.

The main problem of “Dallas” for a long time was the goalkeeper, as Finnish duo Kari Lehtonen – Antti Niemi was surprisingly unstable. Both goalkeepers wore an unofficial cheerleaders nickname “number one and a half”, as none of the gatekeepers on the level of their game did reach the first number. Nill, tired of this uncertainty, left the younger Lehtonen on the team, and the remaining two years under the contract, Niemi was redeemed. Ben Bishop was called to the position of the main goalkeeper, who also probably wants to return to the Stanley Cup, where he participated in the Tampa two years ago.